Day 38: Hands On

Justin Davies 2015

Now with a couple of weeks under my belt, I am really enjoying life in Manhattan. Every single day of my MSBA experience has been action packed and today was no different. At work, in the NYCFC offices, I’ve been working hard every day and it’s been paying off with good experiences. Today was certainly no different.

“It was a one of a kind experience for me.”

As I was doing some research in the office, my boss noticed my hard work and decided he would give me a different task for today: Frank Lampard’s press conference. Having grown up watching him play and as a fan my entire life and officially meeting him in the offices last week, it was a really cool opportunity to get to work with him again. When I arrived at the venue, to my excitement I was told I would get to escort him to the press conference. When Frank arrived we were swarmed by paparazzi’s in the lobby but we both toned out the noise and had a nice conversation as we walked up to the press conference. Both being new to New York City, we talked about how our summers have been going so far and how we’ve acclimated to the city. After my escort was over, I got to sit in and watch the press conference live. It was a one of a kind experience for me.

Along with my internship, MSBA has been living up to the hype so far as well. The summer has been incredibly enriching thus far through its captivating speaker series and exclusive field trips. However today, we did something a little different. All of the students were given a case study with Dannon Yogurt in which we had 35 minutes to form a marketing partnership campaign with a budget (unfortunately imaginary) of only 500k. We then presented our campaigns to the MSBA staff to receive feedback. This was a very interesting and engaging workshop because it touched on so many different demands and qualities for all of us. We had to do proper research, use creative thinking, budget, implement it into an impressive power point, and use our public speaking skills. In addition to being a great learning experience, this workshop was also very satisfying to finish, as my team and I had a lot of fun along the way turning our idea into a plausible proposition.