Day 29: NYC goes Rainbow and Blue

Sam Rosenshein 2015

Today is the fourth Sunday of our MSBA summer, which means we are officially halfway done with the program. That is absolutely insane. No month or summer in my life has ever flown by so quickly with so many memorable moments and experiences happening. I can already tell why every MSBA alumnus claims that their 2 months in NYC was the best time of their life and today was no different in the memories department.

“I can already tell why every MSBA alumnus claims that their 2 months in NYC was the best time of their life.”

It started out as a monumental day for marriage equality. Across the whole country, especially here in NYC, people celebrated the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage. A handful of MSBA members went downtown to experience the massive pride parade and although I didn’t go with them, I could tell it was a once in a lifetime experience. Just seeing images and videos of thousands of people gathered to celebrate and beaming in joy showed me that I was spending my summer in a special place and in a special way.

Where was I during all this? I was on my way to Yankee Stadium to witness New York City Football Club play in its first ever home NYC derby against the NY Red Bulls. As soon as I got off the subway, I knew I was going to have an incredible experience as I was welcomed by a sea of blue NYCFC jerseys and apparel with a few spots of red here and there as the loyal Red Bulls fans made the trip to the Bronx. It was even more amazing as I got to my seat and the entire stadium was chanting “N Y C” and waving their blue flags and shirts in the air. This was my first professional soccer game ever and it far exceeded my expectations. I knew something like this could have only happened in a city like New York City. Not only was the game a ton of fun, I got to catch up with 3 friends from Boston University who were also living in NYC for the summer and we all instantly became NYCFC fans that day.

Like I mentioned, the first half of our MSBA experience in NYC is now in the books, and I couldn’t be more ready or excited for the next half.