Day 21: Playing Catch-Up

Justin Davies 2015

While Saturday marked the end of three whole weeks for many members of my MSBA family, it was just the beginning for me. Plagued by the quarter system at University of Oregon, I arrived almost two weeks later than most of my peers and got into town on this past Wednesday Night. I knew immediately that I had to makeup the ground and get my MSBA experience accelerated by getting acclimated to my fellow MSBA peers, new dorms, and New York City in general.

“To get a chance to intern with MLS’ newest and hottest franchise, New York City FC (NYCFC), was a dream come true”

After a couple daunting hours of jet lag and moving in on Wednesday night, I started Thursday morning oddly energized about Day 1 at my new internship. Soccer has always been a big part of my life and a huge benefactor to the reason I’m pursuing a career in sports business. Therefore, to get a chance to intern with MLS’ newest and hottest franchise, New York City FC (NYCFC), was a dream come true. Everything about that first day was cinematic – from taking the subway for my first time and getting off at Grand Central Station, a place I had only seen in movies, to taking those first steps into the office which was on the 30th floor and had a picturesque view of the New York skyline. I was blown away, and this sensation continued after meeting all of my fellow coworkers and having an extremely productive first two days of work. But when Friday evening rolled around, and I said goodbye to my newly befriended coworkers for the weekend, I figured I had some more exploring to do.

This was perfect timing, as we had our MSBA Field Trip to Yankee stadium planned for Friday afternoon. Given the news of Alex Rodriguez being one hit away from the coveted 3,000 hits paired with my first experience at Yankee Stadium, I couldn’t have been more excited. Plus, I had a great opportunity to get to know a good majority of the MSBA class. The game went exactly the way I wanted it to. Before the game, the MSBA team and I got to experience Yankee Stadium’s crown jewels of World Series rings, autographed balls, commemorative statues and other iconic memorabilia during the stadium tour. The stadium was just as impressive, it had am interesting mix of this historical feel, emulated by the museum and statues, and also a modern and renovated sleek look to it. And then there was the game. By the time the first inning rolled around, I had already gotten to know many of my MSBA peers and was excited to watch some of America’s pastime played right. The game itself was almost a picture perfect as the tour, with A-Rod hitting his 3000th hit on the first pitch and the white pinstripe’s getting a pivotal win in the end that put them over the .500 mark.

My first week of MSBA has officially wrapped up and I could not be more excited for the upcoming weeks.