Day 19: Hole-In-One

Bailey Weigel 2015

It’s unbelievable to think that our third week of MSBA is already coming to a close. In this short amount of time, every single one of my expectations for this summer has already been blown out of the water. Between my internship with the PGA TOUR, the mind-blowing MSBA curriculum, and the close friendships I’ve already made with my classmates, I wouldn’t change anything about the first 3 weeks of the program – I only hope that the next 5 don’t pass by so quickly!

“I wouldn’t change anything about the first 3 weeks of the program”

Thursday morning started the same as any other day for me: with a much needed coffee and a lengthy commute to Plainfield Country Club in Edison, NJ (the location for the 2015 Barclays golf tournament). Our trailer office is located right on the golf course at Plainfield, which makes for a beautiful and relaxing work environment. Not to mention I get to wear golf clothes to work every day – a dress code envied by many of my MSBA classmates. Although this particular Thursday started out normal, it was no ordinary day at the PGA TOUR. The office had been buzzing all week in anticipation of the U.S. Open, and this excitement culminated with the beginning of the first round on Thursday morning. To make things even more interesting, a couple of other interns started up a U.S. Open pool. We had the tournament playing on the office TV the entire day, and everyone was following closely to see how his or her respective golfers were doing. Being someone who never really knew much about golf before this internship, this pool was a fun way to for me to get into it really quickly. All this excitement made the workday fly by, and before I knew it I was rushing out of the office to catch the train back to NYC for our nightly MSBA activity. Normally Thursdays are our night off, but this week they had a special speaker lined up for us instead – Jonathan Blue.

Jonathan is one of the founding partners of MSBA, and is arguably one of the most successful businessmen that we’ve had the opportunity to meet this summer (and that’s saying a lot). However, Jonathan was less concerned with talking about his own personal successes, and more interested in sharing his advise for how we can become just as successful ourselves. He spoke about making lasting impressions, adding value to every situation, and the importance of originality in the workplace. The hour was filled with valuable lessons that will be vital for us in these early stages of our career.

Through his contributions as a founding partner of MSBA, Jonathan has helped to provide us with an unlimited pool of access to the sports industry – something that we’d be foolish to take for granted. If anything, hearing from him on Thursday night was a reminder of just how special our situation is with MSBA. Now it’s up to us to take full advantage of this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see where it leads us in the future!