Day 15: No Experience is Bad Experience

TJ Doganiero 2015

Here we are, the start of Week 3. The days are long and busy, yet the time seems to fly by. I’m currently writing this blog from our second Alumni Panel that took place tonight on June 14th, 2015. These panels have been a fantastic way to tap into the minds of those that came before us, and a great way to expand our personal networks.

“My experience has been nothing short of a home run”

Today’s panel consisted of Leo Parsons (Class of 2014), Lucas Biebelberg (Class of 2012), Samson Feldman (Class of 2012), and Josh Lagan (Class of 2012). Each member of the panel had a unique perspective on both their time at MSBA and their path post-MSBA that led them to where they are today. Leo mentioned something that really hit home for me and I chose to make it the underlining topic of this blog. And yes, it is the title you see above, as corny as that is. “No Experience is Bad Experience”.

Going into MSBA, my life goal was (and still very much is) to become a licensed NFL sports agent, so I was dead set on interning for a sports agency in New York City that directly represents high profile clients. Although my current home at Thuzio is not directly a client representation agency, I have learned an insane amount in the past 2 weeks, most notably what it really takes to grow a business from the ground up. Therefore, Leo’s point could not have been more applicable to my own situation. Being reminded that learning practical business knowledge and skills that can be translated from one job to the next was truly priceless. I look forward to the rest of the summer at MSBA and so far my experience has been nothing short of a home run.