Day 14: Getting Some Shots Up

Hansol Ji 2015

It’s only been two weeks since I was struggling to find my way to 1760 Third Ave with two suitcases and a duffle bag, yet so much has happened in that span. I can now somewhat use the subway, walk to my dope internship at Game7 Marketing without using Google Maps, and definitely say that I’ve experienced many facets of the sports industry that I didn’t know existed prior to MSBA. Furthermore, I got to experience one of the best moments of my life.

This Friday I got the chance to go to Terminal 23 – the pristine basketball court that Jordan Brand created with Carmelo Anthony – thanks to my work at Game7 Marketing. As soon as I walked through the double black doors plastered with Carmelo posters, I couldn’t believe that I was actually walking to the court where several NBA players practiced and hooped at. Unfortunately I was dressed in a suit due to our field trip to the NBA that afternoon, but there was no way I wasn’t putting up some shots. After taking several photos I took off my blazer, picked up a ball, and scored on the same basket Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, and so many other future Hall of Famers have before. It felt surreal.

“I got to experience one of the best moments of my life.”

After my surreal moment at Terminal 23, I had this sudden sense of urge and motivation to play basketball again. I asked if anyone wanted to hoop the next day and a couple of us went to Harlem to play some pick-up basketball. Since we only had four in total, we decided to play a game of 2 vs 2, first to 11. At first, I was ready to break some ankles after my surreal moment at Terminal 23. Unfortunately, I thought wrong. After the first five minutes, all four of us were gasping for air. After barely making it to 11, we all decided that we had enough exercise for one day and headed back to the dorms.

It’s only been two weeks into MSBA and I’m already experiencing the best summer of my life. Two weeks down, 6 more to go.