Day 12: Time Flies When You’re Having the Best Summer of Your Life

Sam Rosenshein 2015

Today is Thursday of MSBA Week 2; our first weekday off from any speaker series, workshop events or group outings. Yeah. That’s how jam-packed this summer has already been and just shows how many more amazing things there are to come. In the short span of two weeks we’ve already had five established professionals from various industries in sports business speak to us, we’ve been matched with a mentor that simply wants to mold us into the professional we want to be, and we have visited Madison Square Garden, one of the most iconic landmarks in the sports world. On top of all that, we will all be visiting the NBA Headquarters in Manhattan to put the lid on the first quarter of our MSBA summer.

“I took the chance to stay at work a little longer than I normally would have and it turned out to be a great decision”

As enriching as the first two weeks have been, it was nice to have the day off for once after working at our internships. Aside from the people interning in NJ, I probably have one of the longer commutes from the EHS dorms, as I intern at The Topps Company all the way down in the Financial District. It was nice to not have to rush to the subway after work for my 40 minute subway commute to make it to the night’s MSBA programming on time. I took the chance to stay at work a little longer than I normally would have and it turned out to be a great decision.

It started out as normal as I did my daily reporting of the previous day’s revenue analysis. My supervisor would walk through how to do it with me during the first week but by now I do it on my own as soon as I walk in the office, and even that feels very rewarding. During my lunch break, I explored the area a little only to discover that Wall Street and the NYSE were only 2 blocks away. It was funny to see all the tourists taking pictures by the charging bull but I realized that I was just as excited as they were to be in NYC. The best accomplishment of the day was when I completed a full report and analysis of the company’s Scotland based customers. I even joked to my roommates that night how proud I was of a simple Excel table I made that I thought was super organized and informative. It turns out that the table I made along with key points of my analysis was included in the e-mail sent to the company’s Vice President regarding a decision to add the Scottish Premier League to the company’s soccer trading card app; a major decision. It was incredible to see something I made as an intern for only 2 weeks was respected enough to be included on major company operations and it only motivated me to continue working harder.

By the late afternoon, half the office, including my supervisor, was gathered to watch the Women’s World Cup and it was a great chance to take a breath and casually talk to all the employees. Finally, it was time to head back to EHS and I was exhausted by the time I got to my room. However, the whole day and the first 2 weeks of MSBA already felt so rewarding. The day ended with a group of MSBA members getting together to watch Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Even then I could feel how much closer I have already become with the rest of the group and the game was not so bad either. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me.