Day 4: Straight to the top

Jakob Gutierrez 2015

On Wednesday, we got the chance to combine our typical Speaker Series event with a field trip to the Empire State Building. Bryan Harris, COO & Managing Partner of Taylor PR, welcomed us to their office for an eye-opening discussion on how the public relations industry has continued to advance throughout the years.

Prior to the evening, I wouldn’t have considered a potential career in Sports PR. However, Bryan stated from the beginning that he would give us a greater understanding of the public relations discipline and strongly encourage us to consider public relations. For me, he did just that. I left the Empire State Building realizing that public relations is much more than writing press releases or covering sports teams. Instead, it’s a multidimensional field in which there are a myriad of possibilities to choose from.

Bryan has been with Taylor PR since 1989. There’s no doubt that his unparalleled experience and shared wisdom was second to none for all of us. Through the evening, he shared an incredible amount of great advice; however, the following points really struck me:

– NEVER think you have it all figured out. Go to work each day to learn something new.

– Find what motivates you.

– Cultivating relationships is critical – surround yourself with great people!

– Be proactive, opportunistic, and curious.

Following our Speaker Series, many of us made a trip to the 86th Floor Observatory Deck of the Empire State Building, which was a truly unbelievable experience. While up there, I realized we are all a small piece of a very large pie. For each of us, the Manhattan Sports Business Academy is like the elevator that takes you to the top of the Empire State Building. We’re all headed to the top as young sports business professionals.