Day 3: Settling In

Melanie Rose 2015

To think that I am writing only the third blog post of the summer is honestly weird to me. Maybe it is the constant stimulation or the long hours, but to me it feels like we’ve been settled here for awhile. However, I’m not going to take that for granted because I can already tell how fast this summer is going to fly.

On only my second day, I was somewhat surprised by how much more comfortable I was with my morning commute, internship responsibilities, and my navigation of the city streets. I arrived at Radegen Sports Management, where I am a Client Marketing Intern, and was ready to work hard at my second day on the job. I really love the work that I have been doing at Radegen thus far because to me, it’s meaningful. My supervisors are comfortable with me taking the reins on a particular project, which really makes me feel utilized and qualified in my first gig. For this project, I am responsible for finding new brand partnerships for one of Radegen’s top clients, Columbus Blue Jackets player, Brandon Dubinsky. From living in Columbus the past 3 years, it feels great to take the knowledge and experience I have from home and actually apply it to my internship here in New York City. Being able to spearhead this first task for Radegen is extremely exciting, so I’m ready to see where it goes from here!

After making the post-work commute back to EHS, Emily and I trekked down to Subway on 2ndAve to get some much-needed grub after our long days. Although they were all out of parmesan cheese for Emily and it was cold and rainy for the second day in a row, it felt great to spend some down time after our internships all day and before the workshop.

This evening’s MSBA event was our first Professional Development Workshop. David Oestreicher is the co-founder of the MSBA and extremely vested in the growth and success of this program. David began his workshop by sharing some of his genuine and insightful opinions about proper business etiquette. Portraying our best professional selves for this summer and beyond is something of extreme importance, so it was great to hear those thoughtful words from David. After his talk, we were told to write a follow-up email to David, who had just spoken to us. His exercise went over very well with the group given that this skill is something so many take for granted and often disregard. Overall, it was really valuable to look at this topic through David’s professional and experienced perspective.

Alas, after a very long day, the saving grace came when the whole group sang and celebrated Jeme’s 22nd birthday! Cake was deliciously served and the night was wrapped up well as we prepared ourselves for the days and nights ahead. I’m constantly surprised by the things I’m learning and experiencing in MSBA and I am very optimistic and ready for what is to come!