“Swing for the Fences” – Yankee vs Rays Game

Kyle Rodemann 2019

Today MSBA 2019 attended the Yankees v.s. Rays game at Yankee Stadium. It is a beautiful venue filled with history, excellence, and talent. The game was an exciting one, as the Yankees are always an entertaining team to watch. “The Bronx Bombers,” as they are rightfully nicknamed, always swing for the fences. Instead of going for singles or doubles, the Yankees always go for home runs. There is a lesson in the way the Yankees play: everyone should always swing for the fences. No matter what you are trying to do, or what you are trying to accomplish, clearing the bases is always the way to go.

A famous MLB pitcher recently stated that MLB balls were being “juiced” this year to increase the number of homeruns hit in the league. MLB headquarters did not refuse or deny the statement, but it would make sense for the league to give baseball an extra pop; everyone knows that more runs equals a more exciting game. MSBA is my juiced baseball. I was given this excellent opportunity to not only learn and grow, but also to build a network I could only dream about building. My career has taken a huge step forward because of this journey. I now have a much better understanding of where I want to go, and I believe I know a little more about how to get there; all I have to do is swing for the fences.