In the Blink of An Eye…

Nick Montoro 2019

Just yesterday we were trying our best to remember as many names as possible during the official MSBA move-in day and now look at us… Now we are seasoned family that has been doing our best to attack and capitalize upon each opportunity that has be set before us. From working full-time at my internship with BSE Global to representing MSBA each night of the week at our speaker panels, everyday has been a blast and the grind has lived up to all of the hype and then some! 

The journey from the first day icebreakers to our Mid-Summer gathering has definitely been exhausting but each and every one of us wouldn’t want it any other way. We all came here 5 weeks ago in hopes to find a way to get our own career within sports business and now, I can confidently say at week 5 that worry is no longer of concern. We no longer have that same fear of being able to “fit-in” as after 5 weeks of total immersion, we know we “belong” in this industry and each step we take this summer continues to solidify it.

So, after a day sweating it out with our mentors at Central Park, the fact that this summer will not last forever has really set in. Everyone tells you from Day 1 that this will be the best summer of your life, you will meet some of your best friends, and before you know it, it will be all over, but until you experience it first-hand, words can do no justice. It is/has been a truly remarkable experience and something that we all will never forget. We have learned, networked, and grown more in 5 weeks than we have in 4 years at college and for that, we all could not be more thankful for all MSBA has to offer. It is truly an honor to be a part of it all and I cannot wait to finish out strong because before I know it, the next three weeks will go by and we will sadly go from MSBA “participants” to MSBA “alumni.” It is a scary thought but definitely something great to look forward to as this summer is not the end by any stretch of the imagination… Rather, it is the beginning of finally being able to capture of dreams!