MSBA19 Kick-Off Event

Megan Graham 2019

Day 5 at MSBA was definitely the best day so far. I started off my day going to my internship at Radegen, a Sports Marketing Agency that represents premier athletes like David Ortiz. I’m very excited for the experience this internship is going to offer me. After spending the day in the office, I headed to Leverage for the MSBA Kickoff event where all of the other students and I got to meet our mentors for this summer! My mentors, Brielle Buckler and Melanie Rose are awesome. Brielle is the Learning Program Manager at the NBA, while Melanie is the Integrated Strategy Coordinator at Bleacher Report. I’m very excited to get to consistently meet with them and to get to know them all summer. MSBA does a great job of pairing you with individuals that have exciting experiences in the industry and it definitely makes me even more interested for what this summer has to offer for us all. 

The event was very fun! Everybody was mingling and getting to know each other and it was a fun opportunity for us to learn more about one another.  We got to enjoy pizza and drinks while awaiting the start time of the NBA game. The event definitely could not have gone better and it was a great start to the program. I’m looking forward to a fantastic summer with MSBA and couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity!