Speaker Series – George Daniel and Terry Lefton

Morgan Jones 2019

Being in the city is a great experience for anyone, with the never-ending list of things to do and try, it keeps you on your toes. At Oakley, I have been constantly challenged with new and interesting ideas. Learning not only new applications but also developing my existing skills has become a personal goal I set for myself this summer, and my team has helped me. My manager Martha has been incredibly helpful with giving me tasks that challenge me and also allow me to learn. By being able to see my work go into the larger collective and be useful for my superiors has been gratifying. 

On tuesday night, the MSBA class got to listen to too incredibly experienced professionals George Daniel and Terry Lefton. I was intrigued on what George Daniel’s had to say personally because I played lacrosse growing up, and I had a vested interest in his career as the commissioner of the National Lacrosse team. Not only did each speaker provide ways on how to take control of getting into the sports industry, but they also gave us a great view on what they think the future of media and advertising will be. George and Terry were not only great speakers, but they were as open as possible and wanted students to be candid as possible. When speakers are willing to give you advice and be open, it makes the experience more enlightening. One of the most interesting questions answered was about esports, when Terry and George showed how knowledgeable they were by explaining that they felt the esports industry was in a bubble, but the younger generations love it so much it may just be consistently booming. 

MSBA has been a great experience so far and these two speakers along with the first day speaker has made me excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer.