Day 56: New Beginnings

Andrew Zingone 2018

There are no endings, only new beginnings.

As my time as a participant in MSBA ends, it’s time to look to the next chapter. As a new alumnus of the program, I can’t help but feel intimidated by the accomplishments of the prestigious group I now find myself among. As I try to make my mark in sports business like so many before me, I am excited join my peers in the arena.

Now that I explained how I feel about MSBA ending, let me move in a more unconventional direction. For people reading this hoping for a farewell to my time at the Manhattan Sports Business Academy, let me point you in the direction of other great blog posts:

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Over the past week, I have taken the time to ask some questions to people within the MSBA family. I did this in the hopes of providing a different look into this tight knit community … enjoy.


David Oestreicher (Co-Founder of MSBA):

Q: What has been your favorite part about MSBA this year?

David: “I always enjoy seeing our former students help current ones. This dynamic gets better every year as we grow with Alumni now hosting Office Field Trips, participating on panels, mentoring you guys, attending/supporting community events, etc.”

Q: Who would win in a 1v1 basketball game between you and Jared Schoenfeld (Vice President of Brand Partnerships at The Players’ Tribune)?

David: “I beat Jared at least 9 times out of 10.”


Ben Sturner (Co-Founder of MSBA, President and CEO of Leverage Agency):

Q: What is Leverage?

Ben: “Leverage is a media, marketing, and sponsorship agency that focuses on corporate partnerships in the sports industry.”

 Q: What is your favorite thing about supporting MSBA?

Ben: “It’s amazing to see what we created and my favorite part is when past MSBA graduates are able to help out the current MSBA students with advice and even providing internships.”


Lindell Galvan (MSBA 2018 Participant):

Q: What was your favorite moment of MSBA?

Lindell: Being at Commencement and taking a moment to realize that we thrived and survived this summer together. And knowing that I have a family of friends that are going to do amazing things with their careers.”

Q: Fill in the blank: ______ from this year’s MSBA class would survive the longest on a desert island.

Lindell: “Luke Murray, easy.


Mark Zablow (Founder of Cogent Entertainment Marketing, MSBA Mentor, MSBA Office Field Trip Host, MSBA Speaker):

Q: How has being a part of MSBA and contributing to the organization benefited you personally?

Mark: “MSBA has helped connect me with over 100 future business leaders in the world of sports and entertainment. I have made incredible connections and even hired a few students I met along the way.”

Q: Who was your role model growing up?

Mark: “From a professional standpoint, David Falk was someone I wanted to be. He was the first sports agent who was taking marketing to the next level and I appreciated how he brought the players closer to the fans.”


John Regula (2018 MSBA Brand Marketing & Creative Intern):

Q: You’re starting an MSBA basketball team made up of 2018 MSBA participants, who do you take?

Point Guard: John “Summer Fling” Regula

Shooting Guard: Peter “Spidey” Partner

Shooting Forward: Andrew “By Default” Zingone

Power Forward: Avery “Give Me the Ball in the Post and Watch Me Work” Toliver (AKA D1 Toli)

Center: Anastasia “Hoya Saxa” Smolenski

6th (Wo)man: Claudia “Energizer Bunny” Sam


Samson Feldman (Manger of Business Operations with the NBA G League, MSBA Alum, MSBA Mentor):

Q: What is your favorite aspect of MSBA?

Samson: The other day I ran into Michael Meisner, a fellow MSBA Alum, on the subway. Now working at Excel Sports Management, which is an incredible opportunity, he began chatting with me and I found out that MSBA played an integral role in the opportunities that led him to the position he’s in today. It is crazy how MSBA can create such an immediate bond between Alumni as well as continue to open doors for past participants years after the conclusion of the program.

Q: You were a participant in the first ever MSBA class with our very own Lorne Segall. Did you ever think he would one day be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the program?

Samson: Short answer, no. Back then Lorne was the hardworking, lovable Canadian. Now though, it makes perfect sense. Lorne epitomizes the values of MSBA: you get out what you put in, and Lorne has given so much to MSBA.


Leo Parsons (Manager of Sales Process at The Madison Square Garden Company, MSBA Alum, MSBA Mentor):

Q: What is the biggest improvement that you have seen in MSBA since you were a participant versus today?

Leo: As an Alum, I’ve been proud of the way MSBA continues to evolve and improve. The most obvious improvement that I have seen since 2014 is the advancement of the mentorship aspect of the program. Lorne, Bailey, and the team have taken what was a small component of the summer and made it the beating heart of the MSBA experience. The way students get an immediate network and mentorship of three individuals within the industry is such a great exposure opportunity. Better yet, they continue to not just churn out career connections, but build relationships. They have done a fantastic job of connecting students and Mentors, and I am proud to be fortunate enough to take part in it.”

Q: What NBA Player does MSBA Co-Founder, David Oestreicher most resemble?

Leo: “David ‘Enes Kanter’ Oestreicher is all fundamentals. Throw any size at him in the post, and he will show you how to box out. Let him pop out from a screen and watch him splash a 15-footer at about a 75% clip. I’ll take David on any team, anytime, anywhere.”


MSBA ‘Newlywed Game’ with Lorne Segall (MSBA Program Director) and Bailey Weigel (MSBA Dean of Students and Marketing Manager):

Lorne’s responses about himself:

  1. Favorite Sport: Basketball
  2. Favorite Sports Team: Eagles
  3. Favorite Food: Asian
  4. Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
  5. Favorite Hobby: Collecting Vinyl records and Shopping at Costco

Bailey’s responses about Lorne:

  1. Favorite Sport: Football
  2. Favorite Sports Team: Fly Eagles Fly
  3. Favorite Food: Shawarma
  4. Favorite Movie: The Departed
  5. Favorite Hobby: Cooking

Bailey’s responses about herself:

  1. Favorite Sport: Football
  2. Favorite Sports Team: Cincinnati Bengals
  3. Favorite Food: Pasta
  4. Favorite Movie: Almost Famous
  5. Favorite Hobby: Playing Basketball

Lorne’s responses about Bailey:

  1. Favorite Sport: Basketball
  2. Favorite Sports Team: Bengals
  3. Favorite Food: Wings
  4. Favorite Movie: Air Bud
  5. Favorite Hobby: Food and Friends

Number of CORRECT responses:

Lorne Segall: 1

Bailey Weigel: 1



Many people touched upon the MSBA community and the importance it plays in the growth and success of the program. With that in mind, I want to fast forward to what my class will look like in five years and make some predictions on how I see things turning out in the years to come.

Prediction 1: John Regula will be Lorne Segall‘s successor as Program Director of MSBA.

Prediction 2: Jake Salter will start a podcast to compete with Mark Zablow called “How I Got my Job with Jake Salter”.

Prediction 3: Luke Murray will still be in college but will still be more successful than any of us.

Prediction 4: Max Antonneau will be named the youngest GM in NBA history.

Prediction 5: Andrea Galea will win Miss New Jersey for three consecutive years.

Prediction 6: Claudio’s new clothing line, “Gang, Gang”, will have taken off and be the sole provider of MSBA gear.

Prediction 7: RJ will be Commissioner of the Fortnite E-Sports league.

Prediction 8: Five years later, the winner of the famous UNC vs Kentucky showdown is still disputed.


All interviews and predictions aside, I have a lot of people to thank for my experiences this summer.

David, Ben, and Jonathan: Thank you for creating a program that has allowed my peers and me to chase a dream that would be otherwise unattainable.

Mark Zablow, Leo Parsons, and Logan Furr: Thank you for mentoring, sharing your experiences with, and providing your insights to me.

Samson Feldman: Thank you for all of your candid advice and willingness to be interviewed for this post.

MSBA Class of 2018 (including John and Grace): Thank you for a summer I will never forget. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

Steven Tigani: You still hold the record for driving from Orlando to Jacksonville, and for that I thank you.

Lorne and Bailey: Thank you for taking a chance on me and allowing me to be a part of this program. I could not be prouder to be a part of this community. My fun fact at the beginning of the year was that I was always last because of my last name. Thank you for continuing this trend by allowing me to write this final blog post.

If you are someone who dug up this blog post looking to network with me and were willing to wade through all of those inside jokes that may or may not have been funny, congratulations. My phone number is (301) 943-3392. Feel free to text me anytime.


Andrew Henry Owen Zingone