Where Are They From?

MSBA Class of 2018 Proudly represents
colleges and universities

Duke University
Fordham University
Franklin & Marshall College
Georgetown University
Hamilton College
Lousiana State University
Marquette University
Rhodes College

Saginaw Valley State University
Santa Clara University
Seton Hall University
Southern Methodist University
Temple University
University of Delaware
University of Florida
University of Kentucky

University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Southern California
University of St. Thomas
The University of Texas at Austin
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wake Forest University
Washington University in St. Louis

Where Are They Interning?

Who Are They?

  • Peyton Adams
    Peyton Adams
  • Maxwell Antonneau
    Maxwell Antonneau
  • Joseph Buonadonna
    Joseph Buonadonna
  • RJ Curtin
    RJ Curtin
  • Ben Finkelstein
    Ben Finkelstein
  • Andrea Galea
    Andrea Galea
  • Lindell Galvan
    Lindell Galvan
  • Christian Gange
    Christian Gange
  • Lucy Hodson
    Lucy Hodson
  • Sarah Linebaugh
    Sarah Linebaugh
  • Claudio Martinez
    Claudio Martinez
  • Luke Murray
    Luke Murray
  • Delaney Nicol
    Delaney Nicol
  • Peter Partner
    Peter Partner
  • Julia Rauchenberger
    Julia Rauchenberger
  • Jacob Salter
    Jacob Salter
  • Claudia Sam
    Claudia Sam
  • Natalie Sams
    Natalie Sams
  • Jessica Schafer-Thomas
    Jessica Schafer-Thomas
  • Matthew Schasel
    Matthew Schasel
  • Anika Singh
    Anika Singh
  • Anastasia Smolenski
    Anastasia Smolenski
  • Tarik Tekle
    Tarik Tekle
  • Avery Toliver
    Avery Toliver
  • Andrew Zingone
    Andrew Zingone